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2017 Jeep Cherokee Limited

So, you have probably seen the commercials, maybe a YouTube video, gone mudding with friends, or even read one of our articles. Somewhere along the line, you were sold on the idea that a Jeep is the vehicle for you. No one could really blame you. With 75 years of a great reputation, a Jeep is a great vehicle to own.

Jeeps are the adventurers’ vehicle. All around the world, Jeep enthusiasts take their Jeep out to the local, and sometimes out-of-state, locations for Jeep trekking. For those of you stuck in town however, you’re in luck – your adventures are just beginning. We talked a little about an app made for finding all kinds of trails, from running to trekking not too long go.

There are also plenty of communities you can check out to learn from people who own and love their Jeep:

South Florida Jeep Club – A place down here in SFL for discussing and showing off Jeeps. They regularly host events, and have a blog to keep connected.

Black Sheep 4×4 – This is another group here in Florida that hosts events, has an equipment page so newbies know what mods to get, and have a chat forum.

Jeep Wave – Jeep Wave is one of the more popular groups, complete with membership that has all sorts of benefits from maintenance to events.

In the end, Jeeps are known for their off-roading features. They come in many different models and trims, but every Jeep, and we mean every Jeep, comes with a 4×4 system. So what’s stopping you? Here’s what you need to know before buying a Jeep.

Research Before You Buy

Doing your research on Jeep and Jeep vehicles is key to buying one. There are eight Jeep models to choose from, each with its own line of varying trims. We can’t tell you which is the best vehicle, they’re all pretty fantastic. So this bit is up to you, but hey, we have plenty of landing pages to fill you in on a vehicle like the Jeep Renegade, Jeep Grand Cherokee, or the Jeep Wrangler. Those are a good place to start.

You also need to know the different 4×4 systems that come with each vehicle. We linked it above, so be sure to take a look. Once you’ve done all your research and have an idea of what you’re looking for, next comes the buying options. Should you get it used, or brand new?

Buy a New Car or a Used Car?

There are pros and cons for each. Let’s assume you have an okay budget, not great. Then buying a used Jeep would be your best bet. Plus, the vehicle lineup is getting a bit of a change. The 2017 Patriot is listed on, but many sources say it will be replaced soon enough. So if you had your heart set on one, you may have a better chance of finding one that’s used.

Buying Used

If you are buying used, there are also some things to consider. Has the proper maintenance been applied? Don’t just buy a Jeep off a lot – take it for a test drive and feel how it handles. If shopping around with entries in the Classifieds, request a recent maintenance bill or ask if you can take it to your mechanic to make sure you’re not buying a time bomb on wheels.

Most car dealerships should be able to offer a vehicle history report. If not, then you may want to search elsewhere. Make sure you get a car report so you know all about its maintenance, accident reports, any recalls for faulty appliances or entire models, etc.

Buying New

If you have the cash, why not treat yourself? The new 2017 Jeep Compass will be out soon, and it’s looking pretty grand. You don’t need to worry about car history and reports if buying new, so that’s a load off your back. However, now we have to think price range. How much are you looking to spend, and why?

Are you looking for a Jeep that can handle rock terrain, or do do you want something that looks classy, but can still take on the challenge? If the latter, may we suggest the Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT or SRT Night? Both are pretty classy – James Bond villain classy. However, there’s also modifications to consider.

Face it, we already know you’re not getting a Jeep because it looks “cute.” You want a monster for mudding or even water crossing like a beast! For those, you’re going to need some mods, most likely all after-market add-ons. This is why knowing your budget is a good idea. Will a new Jeep be worth it plus the price of after-market accessories? Something to keep in mind.

These are just a few things to think about when buying a Jeep. We hope it helps, and remember, we have our own inventory of New and Used Jeeps right here in Aventura.

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