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October 21st, 2016 by

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Have all you Jeep and off-road enthusiasts ever hear of the app “AllTrails”? It’s absolutely wonderful. Imagine a Yelp! for finding parks and trails for riding and exploring, and you have AllTrails. It gives you the locations of nearby parks, so you can go just about anywhere and look up the trails that are close by.

We’re here in North Miami and when we used AllTrails we found places all the way up to Sunrise, so we picked some notable parks and trails and compiled a list. None of these locations are specifically for off-roading, but they are for hiking, running, bike riding, and spending time outdoors.

Markham Park – Sunrise, Florida

AllTrails not only gives you the name and location of a park, but it also shows ratings and difficulty level. Markham Park received a 4.5-star rating and a level difficulty of “hard.” The park has campgrounds and family fun activities going on, and hidden away is an amazing trail used for mountain-biking and it is accessible all-year round. The trail is 5.5 miles long, and loops around the entire park. There’s also a pro shooting range near the back for those looking for a little more grit.

Long Key Natural Area – Davie, Florida

Long Key Natural Area is unrated and given a difficulty rating of “easy,” but that may be because it’s more of a natural area for wildlife, flowers and birds. There is a 0.5 mile trail, and it’s used by hikers, dirt bikes, and horses. It is not a place for off-roading mayhem, but nothing wrong with taking the top off your Jeep and enjoying the natural outdoors.

Amelia Earhart Park Trail – Hialeah, Florida

This is definitely one of the top places to go in the local area for trekking. It’s rated 4.5 stars, and it has a difficulty rating of  “moderate,” and it has a 5.1-mile loop trail. It’s accessible all-year round and has many activity options along the way. Plus, the park itself is filled with greenery and wildlife. A great place for nature trips, fishing, hiking, road biking.

Oleta River State Park Trail – North Miami, Florida

Rated 4.5 stars and given a difficulty rating of “moderate”, Oleta has tons of things to do. There is a 20-mile loop trail that features lots of the beautiful scenery and many activity options along the way. It’s so tucked away, many say it’s not hard to get lost and forget the busy streets of Miami are only aren’t too far off.

While South Florida doesn’t have trails for off-roading, it’s still cool to use this app to find all of the places one can go to spend a little time outdoors. It’s also cool that no matter where you travel in your Jeep, you can access this app to find out what is available in your destination.

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