Jeep Mods for Water Crossing

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Aventura Waterproof SnorkelA lot of people own a Jeep because they love adventure. Rock climbing, mudding, and water treading come to mind. Earlier this year, we talked about some important Jeep mods for mudding. Now, here are some more modifications that make Jeep vehicles a little more H20 capable than other cars and SUVs on the market. And with hurricane season in its final month, these mods make Jeep vehicles a smarter buy, too.


We all have snorkeled at one time or another, and who would have known that there are snorkels for Jeeps too? They allow the Jeep’s engine to breathe when under water. Engines need air to work, just like humans, and the best thing you can do for your Jeep if you like to take it through mud and deep watery trenches is to attach a snorkel to the air intake for the engine. Most snorkels will bring the air intake all the way up to the windshield, like the picture to the right.

You can also look into extending your breather hoses. These are components found on both axles, the transfer case, and auto transmission. They are there to let gases escape with changing temperature, and tend to flex and shift when becoming accustomed to new temperatures. However, they have a tendency to come off when flexing, and if submerged, are more likely to ingest water and contaminate your oil. To circumvent this, Jeep drivers who plan on water crossing extend their breather hoses and raise them up where they won’t be submerged, acting much like a snorkel.

It’s a less costly method, but if you cross water a lot, it’s best to just get a snorkel and seal it up to make it permanent. Besides, snorkels add a little flair to the vehicle.

Just look at this picture from our friends at Black Sheep 4x4s. Like a little submarine!

Water Crossing Jeep Black Sheep 4x4s


Jeeps are famous for getting high suspensions and large tires because not only do they look awesome, but they also add extra functionality to off-roaders. Increased suspensions increase a vehicle’s height and distance from the ground, so they can go through deeper water with more ease than a stock Jeep.  Additionally, it will keep water from getting inside the Jeep, especially the electrical components. If you desire, there are ways to waterproof your Jeep interior.

Waterproofing Electronics

Electronics are incredibly difficult to waterproof. However, not impossible. Some companies have actually designed chassis harnesses for waterproofing ignition switches, waterproof power distribution packs, waterproof fan relay kits, and many other products designed to prevent water intrusion.


Just because fumes come out doesn’t mean something can’t go in. Exhausts are a direct line to the engine, and if water gets in, you’re literally a sitting duck. Look into getting an exhaust-fording kit, an electronic smog pump, or the old-fashioned way: an elbow, a piece of pipe, and weld it on.

Fluid Cap Sealing

That says it all really. Vented gas caps, oil fill caps, power steering caps, and distributor caps. What do they have in common? They will all allow water in unless you seal them up or install a waterproof cap built for blocking water intrusion. If you decide to seal them, some room temperature vulcanization (RTV) silicone will do the trick. Just make sure it’s water-tight!

Get a Grease Gun

Most people would recommend performing grease maintenance before and after water crossing. This will help to prolong the life of friction surfaces and will protect against corrosion. However, not everyone is fond of greasing after a cool dip, so the next best thing is purchasing waterproof U-joints for your axle shaft, one for each side.

That about covers it, but everyone has a say in how to waterproof a Jeep. We’d love to hear your tips. They may save someone a very expensive trip to the mechanic. Reach out to us on our social media!

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