6 Important Mods to Turn Your Jeep into a Mud Monster

June 16th, 2016 by


We all know Jeeps were never meant to stay on the road. They go off the road, they hit the rocky terrain, and more commonly than not, they get down and dirty in the mud. While a driver can walk into a dealership and get a brand new Jeep that is ready for the next messy adventure, half of the fun of getting ready for the messy adventure is the customizing you can do to your vehicle to make it stand out from the rest of the Jeep vehicles in the mud.


It should go without saying that having the appropriate tires is one of the first major things one should take a look at before going in the mud. While some people want to get the largest tires that will fit on their Jeep, its really best to get tires that will improve your experience for the activity. depends on what the M/T and A/T tires are great for rocky terrain and forgoing off-road, swamper tires are a great choice. Once the best tires for the job have been chosen, then you can go big.


It should be second nature for a mudding veteran to install heavy-duty shocks onto a Jeep, but we are writing this for the guy who is just getting started slinging some mud around. Standard shock absorbers do a lot to keep an automobile comfortable and ensure a smooth ride. However, they are not equipped for mudding. Be sure to do some research into the great selection of off-road-tuned shocks for Jeeps, trucks, and SUVs. Just because there’s mud doesn’t mean there aren’t rocks hiding in there!


Since we covered tires and shocks, this would be a good time to speak about lift. When driving through the mud and off-road, adding lift to a Jeep increases its clearance, allowing it to drive over bigger objects. Drivers don’t want rocks tearing away at the Jeep’s undercarriage, and keeping water out of the machinery and lubricants in is a critical mission! With that in mind, waterproofing the ignition system is also something to look into.


This is just as important as getting some of the other equipment we have discussed. A Jeep for mudding needs to be able to get through the messiest of terrains, but the driver also needs to be able to see. Off-road lighting adds great visibility and will grant a further and wider field of vision when driving through poor weather and at night. Economically, halogen is still the most affordable, but they also have their limits. These days, LED lights are becoming popular and will outshine most halogen bulbs.


Let’s not get stuck! A winch can be a Jeep owner’s best friend. When mudding with a other Jeep buddies, a winch is the single most important item to bring along. It’s not impossible to get stuck in the mud or between some rocks when going off-road, and a winch can save the day. And, it’s not just for the Jeep it is mounted to. A Jeep with a winch can assist winchless Jeeps in the event they get caught is a sticky situation.


For those that don’t know, having locks, primarily beadlocks, will keep your tires in check when going off-road and mudding. When running off-road, drivers sometimes lower the air pressure in their tires to provide for better traction and sidewall flexibility. Beadlock wheels mechanically lock the tire bead to the rim, taking air pressure out of the equation and helping to ensure that the tire remains in place no matter how wild maneuvers might get out on the trail.

That about does it. This should get any Jeep well on its way to becoming a Mud Monster! Know of any add-ons or enhancements to improve the chance of a fun day in the mud? Let us know any mudding secrets in the comments below.

Photo credit: Black Sheep 4x4s, a South Florida Jeep club. Jeep Wrangler featured, Devil Dog.
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