Dodge eMuscle Renders Imagined by Digital Artist

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Back in the summer of 2021, Dodge shocked all muscle car enthusiasts when the automaker announced eMuscle, the new and upcoming lineup of all-electric Dodge vehicles. Michael Manley, CEO of Chrysler Group hinted at this in 2019 when he said the lineup of high-horsepower engines wasn’t going to last much longer. Dodge needs to focus on electrified options that still deliver performance, not only to make it past the CO2 standards of the European Union, the major blockade for performance vehicles, but also because Stellantis is going electric, according to Dare Forward 2030. The first eMuscle isn’t expected until 2024, but the internet can’t wait. Based on changes to many other vehicles in the auto market that have released electric variants of their best sellers, digital artist Timothy Adry Emmanuel wowed fans with a couple of renders.

The artist, better known as adry53customs on social media channels, was collaborating with to render a handful of CGI products. Of course, the Dodge eMuscle was at the top of the list. Although Dodge CEO, Tim Kuniskis claimed that an official all-electric concept of eMuscle will land by the end of the first quarter of 2022, it would seem the concept rendering is running late, with some patents waiting to be approved by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). Thanks to Emmanuel, we can imagine what these concept images may look like.

Along with the new Fratzog logo, the render shows a front fascia adapting a common look popping up on new electric vehicles (EVs) – a grille-less face. Without a gas-burning engine under the hood, the need for extra oxygen for a larger combustion, or air to cool off mechanical parts, the front fascia no longer needs a grille, and 2/3 of the face have been curved to give an aggressive look, plus heritage styling cues like the a light bar surrounding a space for the logo. The overall body and profile of the eMuscle render shows a style reminiscent of the Dodge Challenger as well as the Plymouth Hemi Barracuda. Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA, now Stellantis) consistent registered the “Cuda” trademark over the years, and if the automotive group has plants for the name, a Dodge electric Cuda makes the most sense.

The electric concept render by Emmanuel comes with a streamlined look with doors that seem to have no need for handles, a rear fascia with no exhaust pipes, and bold strike marks on each side towards the front. Multiple renders were created in dark and iconic colors, including the high-impact paint color Plum Crazy (seen above). When it comes to official specs from Dodge, nothing about its performance has been mentioned, but a range of at least 500 miles have been promised. We expect the first eMuscle vehicle to hit the mid-to-high engine range when it comes to energy output, which could be anywhere from 400-650 horsepower, and most likely all-wheel drive as the standard. Many automakers are testing the idea of high-performance EVs, and who better than Dodge to set the record straight?

Shortly after the announcement of eMuscle, competitors like Ford and Chevrolet were trying to figure out how Dodge was going to pull this off, and we’re just as curious. Learn more when you follow us on Aventura Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram social media.

Photo Source/Copyright: Timothy Adry Emmanuel/adry53customs
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