Ram ProMaster Isn’t Just for Business

Aventura 2017 Ram ProMaster City


How many Ram ProMaster and ProMaster City vans do you see out on the streets making a stop for a delivery? Probably quite a few, and while the Ram ProMaster and ProMaster City are considered “commercial” vans, they can be used for a lot more than business purposes.

We discussed Ram ProMaster and ProMaster City vans and wagons awhile back. They’re a great choice for businesses that need to carry all sorts of equipment or a lot of passengers. Plus, with BusinessLink, business owners and professionals can even get a little financial help when buying a van. But they could also be a great investment for personal use, or providing services to others. Let’s take a look.

Transportation Services

Whether part of an organization, doing some volunteer work, or just doing a daily good deed, the livery interior upfit can turn a Ram Promaster van into a small bus and transport passengers place to place. It would be a good idea to opt in for the fixed glass windows so your passengers get a little sunlight. Wouldn’t want it feeling like a prisoner transport, would we? Especially if we have elderly passengers or handicapped folk, the Ram Promaster van can also get the mobility interior upfit to install a ramp and lift for ease of access into and out of the van.

Personal Storage

For those that are always travelling, don’t like to live in one place for too long, or have a long vacation planned, there are upfits for storage too. Ever wonder how all those delivery places keep everything in check? Aside from boxes, their van may have a setup akin to the trades interior or delivery interior upfit available for the Ram Promaster and Ram Promaster City vans. Both have a variety of uses.

The Trades Interior Upfit is defined as a setup for carpentry, plumbing, and construction. But with customizable shelving, tank storage, racks and cabinets, it looks a lot more like one of those fancy walk-in wardrobes. Everything in its own place and organized. Heck, if you read our piece on #vanlife, a Ram ProMaster or ProMaster City could be another alternative with this upfit.

If looking for more storage, whether personal or “in-between living arrangements”, then the Delivery Interior Upfit could also work. It has some cabinets and shelves too, but with the large open doors the ProMaster and ProMaster City offer on the side and rear, it feels like it could also be a good alternative to a Uhaul truck. Perfect for those always on the move and want to keep their most important cargo with them wherever they go.

Garage Band

This one may surprise you, but with talk of the livery upfit, it shouldn’t come as a surprise. Available for the Ram ProMaster Cargo van is a Mobile Office Interior Upfit. Just think of what a fledgling band needs – a sound proof place to practice, power for their electric instruments, recording devices and computers, and of course storage space for their equipment. Like the name says, they need a mobile office customized for their needs, and luckily with the Ram ProMaster Cargo van and the mobile office interior upfit, they can get exactly what they need before moving onto the big leagues and getting a tour bus.

All it takes is a little imagination and creativity, and anyone could make use of a Ram upfit. Interesting in getting a ProMaster or ProMaster City for your own project? Check out our inventory for yours. Also ask about the Ram Augmented Reality Upfit Configurator for more ideas of what you can do.

Photo Source/Copyright: RamTrucks.com