Ram 3500 ProMaster Amazon Cargo Van Spotted

May 23rd, 2024 by


Stellantis and Amazon have quite the mutually beneficial partnership. If it’s not one of the many Amazon storefronts, such as the Chrysler 300 Amazon storefront or the Ram Truck storefront on Amazon, then maybe it’s one of the many features Amazon is adding to the new STLA Smart Cockpit set to launch in North America. Another large part of the synergy between Amazon and Stellantis is how many vehicle models Amazon buys from Stellantis, primarily Ram Trucks, to deliver the many packages a deal the service delivers. Back in 2022, Amazon ordered many, many all-electric ProMaster vans for its commercial delivery fleet and to go green. However, if you look closely, you’ll find other types of cargo vans that used to serve as an Amazon delivery truck.

While walking down the street this weekend, I happened to see an Amazon cargo van. This wasn’t just any cargo van either, it was a Ram 3500 heavy-duty pickup truck. But how can that be? The Ram 3500 HD is a pickup truck, and even the 3500 Chassis Cab only comes with a cab and a chassis to attack a payload. Call it crazy or far-fetched, but photos don’t lie. Look a little closer, and it’s actually a 3500 ProMaster. Ah, now that makes more sense. The ProMaster comes in a 1500, 2500, and 3500 versions.

The ProMaster 3500 also has many more options than the latter two. For instance, the 3500 Ram ProMaster cargo van can come with a low roof with a 136-inch wheelbase, a high roof with a 136-inch or 159-inch wheelbase, a high roof with a 159-inch wheelbase extended (EXT), or a super high roof with a 159-inch wheelbase and a 159-inch wheelbase EXT. There’s also the option for a van with windows along the side, only available with a high roof with a 159-inch wheelbase and a 159-inch wheelbase EXT and a super high roof with a 159-inch wheelbase EXT. These many options also allow for many configurations.

Able to tow 6910 pounds and a maximum payload of 4820 pounds, both when properly equipped, the Ram ProMaster cargo van is also known for offering upfits. Most likely, Ram 3500 ProMaster cargo vans used by Amazon would come with a delivery interior upfit. The ideal upfit for businesses that transport delicate yet large items like cakes, flowers, and appliances, it can also handle the storage of small items. The upfit comes set up with various levels of shelving that can securely hold items of all sizes. In addition, for drivers that may hit bumpy roads or uneven terrain, the passengers and driver can keep an eye on the packages in the back without having to deal with a divider between the front seats and the cargo space. Plus, the seats can pivot 180 degrees to face the back of the van and take a mental inventory of what package needs to be dropped off next. Larger items can also benefit from a roof rack, making sure no extra space is wasted.

Whether doing some heavy lifting or customizing a van for a personal business, the 2024 Ram ProMaster can get the job done. Find your new Ram ProMaster cargo van at Aventura Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram.

Photo Source/Copyright: Jordan Rodriguez
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