Another Dodge Cuda Render Only Teases the Idea More

July 10th, 2020 by


Could Dodge be getting ready to replace the Dodge Challenger lineup? There have been rumors, that much we know. With Dodge releasing SRT Hellcat and SRT Hellcat Redeye versions of the majority of its vehicles, and recently adding the SRT Super Stock to the Dodge Challenger lineup, the famous muscle car may be seeing its final days. Many consumers and fans are hoping Dodge can bring back the Barracuda, a V8 HEMI-powered vehicle that shared the then-new E-Body platform of the Dodge Challenger. With FCA re-trademarking the Barracuda and Cuda names back in 2015, we’re all waiting for its debut.

But wait, wasn’t is called the “Plymouth Barracuda” as in, owned by the Plymouth automotive brand? How can Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) get a hold of the name? For one, not only is the Barracuda long gone, having ended its run in 1974 after the 1973 Energy Crisis, but Plymouth is also nowhere to be seen. With the original automaker out of the way, the path is clear for FCA to take over and resurrect the Barracuda, and maybe even call it the “Dodge Cuda” for a new nameplate altogether. The latter has been only dreamed of, and the latest rendering makes it seem like a sweet reality.

Digital artist Timothy Adry Emmanuel is to thank for this latest look at what the resurrection of the Barracuda could look like. Calling it the sister car of the Dodge Challenger, with the Dodge Charger already like the kid brother of the two, the Cuda rendering starts with the platform and chassis of a Dodge Challenger, but then an assortment of mods and tweaks are made that make the Cuda stand out from the rest of the lineup. The front fascia may be reminiscent of the Challenger, playing up retro style cues from the rich heritage of Dodge, rendered in a Lime Green paint job with a black matte graphic stretching over the rear wheel arch on either side towards the rear. Bringing back the look of the original classic, the front fascia comes with a shaker hood, six-slot front grille, and two rectangular taillights.

Again, this is just a rendering and lots of speculation. Dodge is set to start working on its next generation of muscle cars, the first of which is expected by 2023, some of which may be sporting a plug-in hybrid power system. Can you imagine that? A plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) with the Dodge name on it? What a world that will be. The Dodge Viper is also supposed to make a comeback, even though it’s been discontinued several times over. Let’s say Dodge does bring these vehicles back, but decides to test out a PHEV on their most popular and sought-after nameplates – what could we be looking at?

It could be the dawn of a new type of performance. Instead of testing acceleration times and G-force, how about the performance of the vehicle when making laps? Instead of horsepower, how about the torque being generated by the vehicle and how well it handles various types of terrain that isn’t just a straight shot? Electric motors are known for the torque they generate at 0 RPM, so just think of what one could do for a Dodge muscle car.

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Photo Source/Copyright: Timothy Adry Emmanuel
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