2022 Chicago Auto Show Highlights Jeep and Ram

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Last we talked about Camp Jeep returning to the 2022 Chicago Auto Show, making it the 18th year-in-a-row that Jeep set up an exhibit to show off all the Jeep 4×4 lineup has to offer. What we forgot to mention was that there was also a Ram Truck Test Track also being setup at the show. Both tracks were set up to show the capabilities of each vehicle, whether handling uneven terrain, scaling hills – big and small – or enough power to tow the largest of projects, each track highlighted each automaker and what they’re known for. This year, we made it to the 2022 Chicago Auto Show, and one of our own hopped into the front-passenger seat for the ride-along. Check out the experience of scaling a 28-foot tall, man-made mountain.

A Trip to Camp Jeep

It’s no campsite I’ve ever been to, but it was pretty large – probably the largest interactive exhibit in the McCormick Place convention center. With over 4,000 more square feet added from previous years, an entire section was dedicated to Camp Jeep. The 28-foot mountain could be seen across the entire floor, the largest at the show, and there were a total of three! Ram and Ford were also showing all the off-road capabilities of their trucks, but being a passenger in a Jeep 4×4 is something else.

The vehicle I was in for Camp Jeep was a Grand Cherokee SUV. Not my first choice, but thankfully, I wasn’t the one doing the driving. I’m still thankful for that, because feeling the Grand Cherokee climb all 28 feet of that mountain made of steel, after we went over the precipice, it felt like one of those roller coasters that stop when you’re upside down. If it wasn’t for being strapped in, I would’ve definitely eaten the dashboard. The amount of control the Jeep Grand Cherokee, any Jeep vehicle (video above), offers when making its way back down that mountain was a testament to why these vehicles get that “Trail Rated” badge. No wonder Jeep is a leader in the off-road market.

Ram Test Tracks

Ram also had its share of the showroom floor, although not as large as Camp Jeep. With a short course designed to show the capabilities of the Ram, if going one route, the driver and passenger experience the off-road features of Ram pickup trucks, able to handle steep inclines and terrain at angles that makes it feel like the truck could rollover at any minute – but it doesn’t If going the other route, the ride-along passenger got to feel the power and torque Ram pickup trucks offer. This route was mostly about showing the towing power of Ram trucks.

I was riding along in a Ram 3500, with a best-in-class 1075 lb-ft of available torque. Oh, I definitely saw this in action. Check out the clip below.

Yes, the Ram 3500 hauled – hoisted? – an entire wall from the ground. After pulling up to the station, two guys working on the track connected the wall to the front of the pickup truck tow hook (sorry for the poor quality), and we pulled the wall straight up. Very powerful and very cool to see happen in real-time right in front of your eyes. I’m not a fan of trucks, myself, but I can see why so many truck buyers made the switch to Ram in the last few years. This is the automotive truck brand you want to get behind the wheel of.

After seeing this footage, anyone looking to go on an adventure can see that Jeep and Ram are definitely a good choice. You can find both when you shop for a new Ram pickup truck or new Jeep SUV at Aventura Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram. We’ll be posting more footage online, so be sure to follow us on Aventura Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram social media.

Photo Source: Jordan Rodriguez
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