Tips to Cleaning Your Truck After Mudding

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Aventura Truck Wash Mudding Tips

So, you just wrapped up a nice mudding session. Your Jeep or truck is messy as can be, and there’s a good chance your vehicle looks like it’s owned by the Swamp Thing. Most would say riding around town in a vehicle covered and dripping in dirt and mud is like wearing a badge of honor, but after an hour or two in the sun, the mud becomes a hard residue that’s a pain to wash off. Maybe off-road vehicles like Jeeps and the Ram Power Wagon can handle trudging through deep mud, but that’s no excuse to not keep them clean.

Pressure Wash it ASAP

After a fun time getting down and dirty in the mud, wash your vehicle, and wash it earlier than later. You’ll be happy you did. Before washing a car, truck, or whatever, using a pressure washer to do the hard work is a great preliminary wash. This will get rid of chunks of stubborn mud that will take multiple scrubs by hand to remove. Don’t just pressure wash the body either, spray under the vehicle, too. If you rather not get under the car, a sprinkler that sprays upward will do the job just fine if set underneath for a few hours.

Wash it Down and Scrub

After pressure washing, it’s time to give the mud monster a good cleaning. Be sure to scrub the grille, the wheel arches, the bumper, etc. Get some soap specifically for wheels, too. Sure, a little scrubbing with soap and water should work, but if we’re talking about the 2017 Ram Power Wagon, those 33-inch wheels won’t shine without some wheel and tire cleaner. Also check under the hood, possibly rinse down the engine bay. Do not blast the water into the engine area and do not saturate any one area too much, especially around the air cleaner.

Pre-Wash and Post-Wash

This is a nice tip that will keep a stylish Jeep or Power Wagon from getting too mashed up in the mud. Spraying some Armor All around the body, especially the underside and powertrain components, will make washing off the mud a whole lot easier. It won’t protect the vehicle from mud, it’s not a shield, but it will act as a layer so the mud doesn’t stick too well.

When all done spraying the vehicle down, wait a few hours, and spray the truck down with water again. There’s a good chance there’s still mud in places not noticed before. Take note of these places and pay more attention to them when cleaning, especially after mudding. Checking under the hood and the undercarriage is another part of the process. Is everything connected and working? Some casual maintenance after mudding is always good practice.
Have some ideas you’d like to share? Everyone has their own routine for cleaning up a muddy truck. We think these cover it all pretty well, but we’re open to hear some more.

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