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Aventura Chrysler Pacifica Jeep Dodge Ram Seasons

There’s maybe another month or so of the summer, and then we have fall. Interesting how the seasons change, eh? Well, not so much in Florida, but we had a couple pretty nice cold fronts last winter. When it comes to driving around throughout the year, some people like to buy certain cars so they can enjoy the different seasons. Take a Jeep Wrangler for instance. Instant summer image, right? What other cars would work, depending on the season?


Although down here we don’t see it, in other parts of the country and the world, people see snow in the winter – a lot of snow. Trudging through the snow can be tough, and driving in it can be a slippery slope. Come the winter season, having a vehicle with all-wheel drive is the smart way to go. So how about we drive in style?

We’re talking the Dodge Challenger GT AWD. Only available with an all-wheel drivetrain, the Challenger GT AWD is the perfect vehicle for driving in the snow. Not only can it handle the terrain, but it still has that iconic BA look of the Dodge Challenger. Take a look at it below. Oh, and the MSRP starts at $33,395 – that’s a bargain for a Dodge performance vehicle.

Aventura Dodge Seasons


Winter has come and gone, things are warming up, and spring is in the air. With the spring also comes a lot of rain – the skies are no longer cold enough to turn rain drops into snowflakes. Who wants to drive in that, especially when it’s coming down hard and you can’t even hear the radio? Not a problem with the Chrysler Pacifica.

Available with an acoustic windshield, it doesn’t matter how hard the rain comes down, the inside of the cabin will be calm and quiet. Some of us like the sound of a soft rain though, and watching the rainfall through the tri-pane panoramic sunroof must be a sight to see. If it’s still a little chilly, enjoy the available heated seats, and when the sun is shining, thank the Pacifica for its sunscreen glass. MSRP starts at $28,995.

Aventura Chrysler Pacifica Seasons


You know our pick for this one. The Jeep Wrangler of course. Where’s the one place we always see a commercial for Jeep in the summer? The beach. Although not advisable, you may get a citation.

Jeeps and the summer go together. Customizable in so many ways, the Jeep Wrangler is taken apart by many summer lovers. Some get a removable soft top and half-doors, and some delete them all, resulting in a Jeep with no roof or doors. Plus, whether at the beach or the pool, don’t worry about getting the interior messy – it’s durable, washable, and comes with drain plugs to empty it out after cleaning it up. MSRP starts $39,145.

Aventura Jeep Seasons


It’s tough to pick a vehicle for the fall. It’s not warm, it’s not cold. The terrain is fair, assuming you live in the south. Up north there may be roads filled with wet leaves, but sooner or later everything just dries out. Plus, school is starting, where’s the fun in that?

Well, we can spice things up with a highly capable minivan or crossover, can’t we? Maybe the Dodge Durango, available with a dual screen Blu-Ray entertainment system, the Chrysler Pacifica with Uconnect Theater, or maybe we’re feeling a little handsy and a truck with lots of power to haul firewood like the Ram 1500 would work. It’s free game in the fall.

MSRP for Durango starts at $29,995.

MSRP for Ram 1500 starts at $33,495.

Aventura Ram Seasons

Can you think of any other vehicles that would be great for the seasons? Let us know on social media. You can also find one of your own in our inventory.

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