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Aventura Auto 2018 Dodge Challenger Safety

When we discuss a vehicle in-depth, we talk about all the specs. This just doesn’t cover mechanical specs, such as the engine, transmission, and other components that make up the powertrain. We also talk about aesthetics, comfort, technology, and safety. Typically, we don’t go into detail about what some of this means, and leave it to the consumer to Google something they want more information on. Today, we’re going to change that by expanding a bit on some of the safety specs one would find in a 2018 Dodge Challenger.

Found in the 2018 Dodge Challenger page, one can find the “Technology” section and read about the safety features included with the 2018 Dodge Challenger. All 2018 Dodge Challenger trims come standard with advanced (SRT) multistage front airbags, supplemental side-mounted front and side-curtain airbags, active head restraints, traction and stability control systems, keyless entry or keyless enter ‘n go, a security alarm, and a Sentry key theft deterrent system.

Okay. Great. What does all of that mean? Let’s review.

First, we come across airbags. Anyone who has been in an automobile knows what airbags are, and those in the front steering wheel and dashboard are government-mandated. Meaning, no car can be produced without them. The supplemental side-mounted front airbags protect the driver and front passenger from side-impact and are usually located in the doors or seat. Side-curtain airbags are usually installed along the ceiling to inflate during side-impact to protect the rear passengers bodies and their heads.

These aren’t just any airbags though. They’re “multistage” airbags, designed to deploy a level of pressure when inflating the airbag depending on and respective to the severity of the crash. You may have seen an example of this in a comedy film where a driver is in an old car and tries to stop before hitting a tree, but doesn’t quite make it and bumps into the tree, and the airbags are deployed seconds after the car has come to a stop.

Active head restraints are a recent development that came about soon after the 20th Century ended. Made with technology embedded in the headrest pillow of a car seat, when an impact trips sensors in the active head restraint technology, the tech is activated and will actually move up and forward the headrest to reduce the amount of distance a human head will move in the event of a crash. This can not only reduce simply injuries like whiplash but may also prevent spinal injury.

Traction and stability control systems are fairly straight forward. Traction and stability control systems include “All Speed Traction Control,” “Electronic Roll Mitigation,” and “Electronic Stability Control”. The purpose of each system is to keep the car on its wheels and not on its side during an incident or even a sharp turn.

All Speed Traction Control detects wheel slippage and rectifies such an instance by automatically applying brake pressure to the slipping wheel and sending torque to the wheels with the most traction. This is much like a “brake lock differential” found in a Jeep 4×4 System, discussed in our “Performance Parts Explained – Jeep 4×4 Systems” article.

Electronic Roll Mitigation uses sensors to reduce the potential for a wheel to lift off the ground during severe or evasive driving maneuvers. Strut Tower Braces also help with this, discussed in our “Performance Parts Explained – Dodge” article.

Electronic Stability Control, similar to the above, can sense the difference between the driver’s intended path and the actual path the vehicle is traveling. In such an instance, this system may apply selective braking and reduce engine throttle to help guide the vehicle back on track.

Convenient features like keyless entry or keyless enter ‘n go have become much more popular in recent years. We all know the former – the ability to unlock the doors using the “unlock” button on the key fob. Keyless Enter ‘n Go allows the driver, or anyone with the key fob on their person, to unlock the vehicle by touching the door handles or trunk button. Then, they can start the engine with a simple start/stop button while applying pressure to the brake pedal.

Security systems most of us are aware of are security alarms. Protecting the vehicle from unauthorized entry or operation, if the doors, liftgate, or ignition are operated without the key fob in proximity, the security alarm will trigger the vehicle’s horn to sound and the headlamps, parking lamps, and/or turn signals to flash repeatedly for a predetermined amount of time. The other security system, a Sentry Key Theft Deterrent System, goes a step beyond a standard security alarm. If a would-be thief were to somehow bypass the security alarm and hot wire the vehicle, the engine will be shut down within two seconds of operation without the correct key in proximity.

Some of these are pretty neat, eh? Keep up, because our next piece may cover the many advanced features popping up in FCA vehicles, like the 2018 Dodge Challenger. Did you know about all of these features? Did any surprise you? Let’s talk about them on the Aventura CJDR Facebook Page.

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