Spruce Up Your Truck or Buy One of Ours on Ugly Truck Day!

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Aventura Ugly Truck DayIt’s Ugly Truck Day! Which means … wait what does it mean? Aside from it being July 20th, no one really seems to know what today is about, other than sporting ugly trucks and sharing pictures of ugly trucks on Instagram. Maybe Ugly Truck Day should be more like a spring cleaning, but for trucks.

So first off, here’s what we know about Ugly Truck Day:

– It’s on July 20th every year, doesn’t matter what day of the week

– Some towns may hold an “Ugly Truck Day Contest”, kind of like a car show mixed with the world’s worst beauty pageant

– The holiday has grown so much since its conception, some times you can find an Ugly Truck Day e-Card online

– Big names on social media sites will invite people to send in photos of their trucks to be posted on their page wall

– The main and most common event is to just post a picture of your hunk of junk online and ride around town honking at other ugly trucks you pass by

There really isn’t much in the know. When we read there are cards for it, it immediately got thrown into the “Hallmark Holiday” pile. So we got to thinking, and wondered if Ugly Truck Day could turn into something productive. Maybe, “Spruce Up Your Truck” day, but with a catchier title. After a little digging, we found a couple of ways someone can take their old beat-up truck, and turn it into something that isn’t quite an eye-sore. Maybe even modernize it, if it’s worth saving.

To Spruce Up Your Ugly Truck

  1. Car wash – A good wash won’t work miracles, but washing an ugly truck is always a good place to start, and it doesn’t cost much.
  2. Get rid of unsightly scratches and dents- You’d be surprised how quickly you can fix the scratches on your truck with a little nail polish that is the same color of your truck’s exterior. Also, you can get small dents out with a toilet plunger, just make sure it’s clean.
  3. Paint job – Unless the truck is rusting out, a new coat of paint can do wonders. If you don’t want to do it yourself, some small chains will paint trucks for an affordable price.
  4. Wax – Wax the car. One coat, two. Make it shine!
  5. New wheels – Getting a new set of rims, changing the tires, or even new rim covers will help transform an ugly truck.
  6. Fix up the interior – Clean the carpets, get seat covers and a steering wheel cover.  You can even get some cheap leather for the whole interior. Go crazy!
  7. Go go gadget – Is the sound system out of date? Auto shops and dealers can replace an old sound system with a newer model. Even Best Buy has a nice selection. There are also many DIY tutorials out there for creating smartphone and tablet mounts that can be easily installed into a vehicle’s dashboard.

There are a lot of things you can do to give an ugly truck a face lift. However, if all of this seems like a little too much work, there’s always the choice to buy something new. And boy, do we have a selection.

Ram 2500

This is one of our top sellers, and it’s clear to see why. Drivers get a choice of three engines, one of which runs on diesel. Towing for work or for pleasure is a breeze, and with all the new technology in cars these days, the days of truckers’ past is history. Plus, multiple warranties, including rust protection are available, so don’t worry about its pretty face fading anytime soon.

‘16 Mopar Ram Rebel

The auto parts legend, Mopar, got together with Ram and went to town and made a limited-edition 16 Mopar Ram Rebel. The engine is still the mighty 5.7L HEMI equipped on the other Ram Rebel trucks, but the engine on the Mopar is now contained by a dual bezel sport performance hood made of aluminum, which has also been embellished with a matte-black hood graphic. The limited-edition vehicle sports 17-inch rims, along with off-road wheels and a billet silver bumper skid plate. To top it off, a blue-and-black Mopar graphic stripe runs along the sides of the truck and across the tailgate.

Yellow Stinger

Ram also came out with a limited-edition Ram 1500 Stinger Yellow Sport  truck, as a follow up to their “Yellow Rose of Texas.” It came out earlier this year, and is also a special-edition model. The Yellow Stinger is a Ram 1500 Sport trim with an all-new bold exterior, a 4-window grille, and the hood has a twin hood graphic. All-in-all, it’s a little nostalgic of the ol’ yellow Dodge Challenger SRT.

Now truck drivers have no reason to have that ugly truck sitting on their lawn. Forget Ugly Truck Day, it’s time to spruce things up a bit!

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