Space, Storage, and Unique Features on Best Tailgating Vehicles

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Aventura Tailgate Party

It’s time to taaiiiiilllgaaaaaaaate! No, not the kind where some jerk on the road is right behind you, we’re talking tailgate parties! This month, Miami Dolphins and Hurricanes fans have returned to the new Hard Rock Stadium in Davie and they’ve been tailgating up a storm — and the party is just getting started!

If you plan on tailgating this year, Aventura Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram has some excellent vehicles to make your tailgate party one of the best. Aside from having some cool tailgating features, these vehicles are excellent tailgating vehicles because they can bring all of your friends and family to the game while having enough cargo space for the drinks and food. Here are a few suggestions for excellent tailgating vehicles.

2017 Chrysler Pacifica

The new Pacifica from Chrysler is an eight passenger minivan, so it has plenty of seating for party goers. If you use all of the seats for people, then you can make use of the floor cargo space that is a part of the Pacifica’s Stow ‘n Go seating for extra storage area.

If you don’t need all of the space for passengers, you can load the car up with plenty of equipment. Behind the third row is 32.3 cubic-feet of space. Drop the third row, and starting from the second row there is a whopping 87.5 cubic-feet; put that row down too, and you have an incredible 140.5 cubic-feet of space. When it’s time to clean up, just use the built-in Stow ‘n Vac, a built-in vacuum to pick up all the Cheetos and chips.

2016 Dodge Grand Caravan

Okay, so the all new Pacifica is pretty nifty. Being an FCA vehicle, it shares some traits with the Dodge Grand Caravan, such as Stow ‘n Go seating. The Dodge Grand Caravan is a customizable powerhouse of seating and storage, from their 60/40 split-benches to multiple ways to store equipment. There’s an overhead bin for small, quick-grab items; two 12 cubic-feet storage bins, and over 143 of cubic-feet when the second and third rows are stowed away.

Another cool tailgating feature on the Dodge Grand Caravan is the third-row tailgate seats. Just open up the liftgate and rotate the third-row seats 180 degrees to face the tailgate party, and there’s two of the best seats in the house as they’re protected from the sun and rain.

2016 Dodge Journey

Now, the Journey may not have stow ‘n’ go seating like the Grand Caravan and Chrysler’s new Pacifica. But, just like the Grand Caravan, the Journey was built with tailgate specific characteristics. Their main one is their in-floor storage bins, made with liners to keep things cool, doubling as a cooler as well as extra storage space. Speaking of which, the Journey’s seats may not be stowable, but they do fold down, and can offer up to 67.6 cubic-feet of space.

Ram Trucks

Are “tailgate parties” named after a truck’s tailgate? We’re not sure, we could be onto something. But seriously, with the strong tailgate on all Ram trucks and the spacious bed sizes, the tailgate becomes the center of the party. Don’t worry about not being able to bring the party with you either. Ram trucks are available in various cabin sizes like the mega cab or crew cab, which have plenty of space for five people.

Additionally, Ram trucks are also available with a RamBox Cargo Management System on either side. The RamBox is a lockable, weatherproof box on the outside of the truck bed that offers a combined 8.6 cubic feet of covered storage. The RamBox has a drainage system, so it makes for a great built-in cooler.

Jeep Wrangler

Smaller than all of the other vehicles on this list, the Jeep Wrangler is also a great choice for tailgate parties. One of the main reasons being that they come with durable, washable interiors with drain plugs. No need to worry about any spills, just wash it out later. Plus, with removable tops, you’ll have the loudest radio at the party. Who can resist hanging out at a topless Jeep Wrangler and kicking off their shoes while listening to good music? Plus, the fold-and-tumble seats offer great storage space, as does the rear storage bin.

Helpful Tailgating Tips

Have a Checklist

Checklists are always a good way to keep organized and make sure you don’t forget anything, INCLUDING YOUR TICKETS! It’s always terrible when you remember everything except for the one thing that will get you into the actual game.

Be the Early Bird

Get there early. The most spirited people have been doing this for years, so they’ll be there early. If you are there early, you’ll get to set up camp alongside them. Also, you’ll be closer to the stadium.

Keep Cooking Simple

Try hosting a potluck. Don’t stress over what to cook, just make sure whatever you cook is made with love <3

You can check out all of these vehicles and their tailgating qualities at Aventura Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram. You can even purchase one Sunday morning before the Dolphins kick off!

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