Ram 1500 Crew Cab Dimensions Comparison

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Aventura Ram 1500 Crew Cab

Shopping for a full-size light-duty truck can feel overwhelming. In addition to all of the models offered by manufacturers, shoppers also need to figure out what cab size, drivetrain, powertrain, and features they want, so the possibilities can feel endless. To make shopping a little bit easier for consumers looking for a spacious ride, here are some dimensions of the most popular crew cab light duty trucks.

Head Room

Head room in a truck cab is one of the most important features. No one wants to have to hunch over just to fit in their car, or hit a bump on the road and end up with a bump on their head. Take a look at the dimensions for the Ram 1500, the Ford F-150, Toyota Tundra, and Chevrolet Silverado.

Area Ram 1500 Ford F-150 Toyota Tundra Chevy Silverado
Front 41” 40.8” 39.7” 42.8”
Rear 39.9” 40.4” 38.9” 40.5”

Leg Room

Leg room is another important feature to have. Everyone wants to stretch out a bit right? No use being cramped in a truck, front or back. The same four vehicles will be discussed, and they’re all fairly similar.

Area Ram 1500 Ford F-150 Toyota Tundra Chevy Silverado
Front 41” 43.9” 42.5” 45.2”
Rear 40.3” 43.6” 42.3” 40.9”

Shoulder Room

Third on the list but also important is shoulder room. Feeling like a can of packed tuna in a truck is very claustrophobia inducing. Getting cabin fever in the middle of the road can also be uncomfortable. Let’s look at the shoulder room these trucks offer with their crew cabs.

Area Ram 1500 Ford F-150 Toyota Tundra Chevy Silverado
Front 66” 66.7” 65.7” 66”
Rear 65.7” 65.9” 65.5” 65.7”

So that about wraps it up. The Ram 1500 has more room than some of these models in headroom and shoulder room. Leg room is fair all around, and really what’s the difference of 1 or 2 inches when the best way to stretch one’s legs is go for a little walk? For ample room for the driver and passengers, look through our inventory for your own Ram 1500 with a crew cab now.

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