Prepare Your Car for the Spring

March 29th, 2018 by

Aventura CJDR Prepare For Spring

In South Florida it’s been hard to tell if the winter is actually coming to an end or not. El Niño and/or global warming must be affecting the weather as of late, because we’re almost in April and we’ve had several cold fronts in the last 30 days. The Spring Equinox actually took place not too long ago, March 20, 2018. That’s when the day and night have equal durations of time over the course of the day – same thing for the Fall Equinox after summer. Before we get that far, however, right now we’re in the spring, and although it just started, there’s still plenty of time to prepare one’s vehicle for the upcoming weather changes ahead.

Do Some Usual Maintenance

Before it gets too hot and we’re in desperate need of some cool air, take your car in for the usual maintenance. Have it checked out, make sure all the necessary fluids are filled and still good. Nothing like running out of A/C coolant on a hot day, especially when you’re dressed nice for work or an event.

Take the Initiative

Don’t just wait for the weather to get warmer. Take charge and prepare your vehicle for the spring and impending summer now! If your vehicle doesn’t have window tint, look into making an appointment to get the job done. Tint helps a lot with keeping the cabin from heating up while the car sits in the parking lot. If in the market for a new vehicle, look for a car that has sunscreen or solar control glass because those features reduce heat build up in the vehicle, whether on the road or parked.

If your vehicle already has the windows taken care of but the cabin could use a little more protection, invest in some collapsible sun shades. They’re easy to use, protect the interior via the windshield, and some vehicles, like the Chrysler Pacifica, even have power drop-down shades as an available feature for rear passengers to keep the sun and the heat out of their face. With that in mind, look into getting some seat and steering wheel covers to protect the upholstery and your skin from burning up in the hot sun.

What About the Exterior?

Of course the interior isn’t the only part of the vehicle to protect. The exterior is just as important because it is the first impression one makes when pulling up to their destination. April showers brings May flowers, and that means we’re going to see a whole lot of rain in the coming weeks/months. To protect the exterior, look into getting some moisture repellent spray to put on the car after a good wash. It will help keep the car clean and protected. On that note, following the car wash and before putting on some moisture repellent spray, look into getting a good car wax and apply a coat or two to not only make the vehicle shine but also keep it protected from the harsh sun rays.

When All Else Fails

Sometimes we can’t beat the natural elements. Maybe some dirt gets into or on the car and we need to do a little cleaning up. If the car gets a little dirty after being outside all day, don’t go straight to scrubbing it. That’ll just cause scratches by rubbing whatever harsh materials are present against the body. Instead, be sure to rinse it down first, then get the soap suds ready. If keeping dirt and sand out of the car is a problem, aside from needing to vacuum every time, look into ways to keep the dirt out in the first place. Have a towel in the trunk at all times and maybe some water, not for drinking, but for dampening a towel to wipe off any excess dirt patrons may take with them into the car.

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