New Ram Truck Mods for Better Gas Mileage

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Aventura New Ram Gas Mileage

You finally got that new Ram truck you’ve been eyeing for some time now, but what about all that trash-talk about how trucks are gas guzzling monsters? Is it really true? You just got a new Ram truck, and you want to make the best out of it! Well contrary to popular belief, trucks have adapted to the times of modern technology, and terrible gas mileage is no longer the norm for trucks. To really maximize your mileage though, we’d like to share with you a couple of tips.

Fuel Economy Monitoring System

A lot of new vehicles come standard with an on-board diagnostic system (OBD), as should your new Ram truck. An OBD is a system that tells you how much range you have based on current gas tank levels, and your current MPG based on vehicle speed and condition, among other things. If your new Ram doesn’t have this though, never fear. You can purchase some systems and apps for a fair price.

Faulty Components

Regular maintenance is of course going to help any car run better. We discussed a lot of parts and components from Mopar, such as cold air intakes, exhaust systems, filters, and the such to improve car performance and optimize fuel efficiency. In the same vain, always check other components, such as grounding cables, the integral part of a vehicle’s electrical system. If these are worn or loose, the whole system has to work harder,  which could lead to a decrease in fuel economy. Look into replacing worn cables with high-quality cables as soon as possible.

Truck Cap or Tonneau Cover

Some say getting a truck cap or tonneau cover will help with increasing fuel-efficiency. We listed many ways to save fuel in our list of fuel efficiency tips, but this one escaped us. After some research, although the addition of a tonneau cover can make a truck more aerodynamic, the savings aren’t astronomical.New Ram Aerodynamics

However, we also found a neat little number on the nature of air flow. If you don’t want to spend the money on a tonneau cover, then always be sure to lock up the tailgate. You can’t see it, but an air bubble in the truck bed is created while on the road, and that bubble buffers airflow while driving to increase aerodynamic efficiency. Many truck drivers would swear by putting the tailgate down, but all it really does is dissipate the air bubble and increase drag.

Cutting Down

Which brings us to our last tip. When driving around, if you don’t need it, then don’t take it. Basically, empty out the back of your truck bed, don’t be a hoarder, not everything needs to be in your truck 24/7. Trucks with large beds are great because they allow for plenty of cargo, but every 100 pounds of weight added leads to a 1-2 percent decrease in fuel economy. Meaning, if that payload on your new Ram is maxed out at 3,000 pounds and your truck averages 17 mpg on the highway, you’re looking at about 10 MPG in the end. That’s a huge difference.

This is all it comes down to. When buying a truck, the driver should expect that their mileage will be in the lower double digits, but there is also something they can do about it. Plus, there’s always diesel-powered vehicles, and many new Ram trucks have this engine option available.

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