Move Over Law Month

January 17th, 2017 by

Aventura Move Over Law Month January Official

January is Move Over Month, Florida, to bring awareness to the Move Over Law. Although the law is over a decade old, there are still people unaware of what the law really is. Like many laws, this law spawned from common sense and tragedy.

The Move Over Law was started after a few tragedies with first responders and other state workers who met their fate while simply doing their jobs. Someone wasn’t paying attention, probably rubbernecking at an accident or a couple of vehicles on the side of the road, and ended up smashing into one of the vehicles or another human being. To put it bluntly, they killed someone.

To combat that problem, the Move Over Law has been passed in Florida and many other states. The law is simple – when law enforcement, emergency, sanitation, utility service vehicles, and tow trucks or wreckers on the side of the road, move over one lane and give them some room. If you can’t move over safely, slow down 20 mph below the speed limit when passing. This way, if someone is changing a tire or someone is trying to save a life, they aren’t also under the threat of immediate danger.

Although someone may not be aware of the law, they can still be charged with said crime and may receive an unnecessary citation or traffic ticket. Besides, it’s common courtesy and can prevent another accident, injury, or death from happening. Enough drivers in Florida can’t be bothered to put on their turn signal when merging lanes, and road rage is at an all-time high. The least someone can do is slow down to save a life.

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