Long Road Trip? Consider Investing in These Road Trip Gadgets

April 27th, 2017 by

Aventura Road Trip Gadget Grand Caravan

Spring break is over, or starting, for some of us. Summer is creeping up around the corner – can you feel the heat, South Florida? Aside from going to the beach and getting a tan, summer is the season for vacations and road trips. Automobiles today come with plenty of great features that make being in a car for a long time comfortable, but there’s always room for improvement. We’ve dug around the internet a bit and put together a small gift of gadgets one may want to bring on a road trip.

The Essentials

Here are some things that are must-haves any time on the road and away from home.

– A flashlight or other light device is helpful at night, especially if looking for something in the car. Sure, cell phones come with a flashlight app, but what if the phone is dead? A flashlight, or even an interesting inflatable, solar-powered lamp known as “luminAID” would be great.

– Want to stay connected? A portable battery pack, like the Lumopack charger can fully charge a cellphone in about thirty minutes, and charges itself up in about six minutes. Unless your car is a Wi-Fi hotspot, getting portable internet would also help, if not for entertainment, then for looking up the next tourist trap to hit up. Netgear and AutoNet both offer options for staying connected; Netgear becomes its own hotspot for up to ten devices at once, and AutoNet can boost your connection to connect to available Wi-Fi within 100 feet.

– Unless staying at a motel or other overnight establishment, laundry becomes a hassle pretty quickly, especially in the summer. The scrubba wash bag is a portable washing machine where a little detergent and water can clean clothes on-the-go.


Many vehicles come with their own entertainment and theater systems, like the Uconnect Theater in the Chrysler Pacifica or the DVD/Blu-Ray player in the Dodge Journey. If these options aren’t available, here’s a couple gadgets to help keep passengers entertained.

– Keep everything you need to stay busy in the backseat on a road trip with an organizer. One example is the Knomo Knomad Mini, and it’s great for storing cables, handheld devices, and other small items.

– Want to watch a movie, but all you have is your cellphone? Not anymore. With a Brookstone Pocket Projector, one can watch a movie on a hotel wall. The projector fits many devices – smartphones, computers, game consoles, etc.

– When going to the beach or stopping by a campsite, having some music is nice – and there’s plenty of items to choose from. Wireless boombox speakers like the Philips Shoqbox Mini is small, wireless, and water/dust resistant, so you can take it nearly anywhere when listening to some tunes.

This is just the beginning of stuff to take on a road trip, and we’re sure there’s more products to include. Tell us some of the gadgets or items you bring on a road trip, and share some knowledge on our social media.

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