Hidden Gems Found on the Jeep Renegade

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We’re not sure when it started, but the Jeep® Renegade has several unique details sprinkled around every model. It doesn’t matter what trim you get, new Jeep or old, you’ll find a good chunk of “Easter Eggs” around and within this off-road warrior. If you’re not looking for them, you might just miss a few (or all) of these hidden gems. But then again, that’s the point, isn’t it?

Aventura Jeep Easter Eggs Grilles

Seven Slot Grilles Are Everywhere

This first one is a tiny bit obvious at first. The grille at the front fascia of the Jeep Renegade has seven slots, but a tiny little drawing of the grille appears in many others places. Take a good look at the headlights. In the middle is a tiny Jeep with the seven-slot grille to match. You can also find the same design on either side of the rearview-mirror housing unit, along the borders of stereo speakers, and on the underside of the rear hatchback panel.

Aventura Jeep Easter Eggs Jeep Profile

Jeep Profile

This detail can be found throughout the cabin and on the windshield. Called the “Jeep Profile,” it’s a silhouette of the original and first Jeep vehicle. Look around the cabin a bit, and you’ll find the Jeep Profile is embroidered on the MySky roof panels, and if your Renegade is equipped with all-weather floor mats, the profile is on those, too.

Aventura Jeep Easter Eggs Sasquatch

Tiny Sasquatch

A detail that is a bit more random is a little drawing of a Sasquatch on the rear windshield to reinforce Jeep’s rugged undertones.

Aventura Jeep Easter Eggs Maps


You may have noticed the popularity of map decals on Jeep vehicles this year when we covered the new Jeep Safari concepts, but one map drawing has been hiding under one of the Jeep Renegade seats for quite some time. Check out the center console, there’s a cubby for loose change and there’s also a map of Utah, the Holy Land for off-road enthusiasts. There’s also another seven-slot grille decal ‘cause why not? You can also find a map under the seat cushion on the passenger side.

Aventura Jeep Easter Eggs Gas Can X

Gas Canister-X

Ah, the infamous “X” seen on Jeep Renegade taillamps. It’s a shout out to Jeep’s heritage, mimicking the marking found on gas cans affixed to the first Jeep vehicles sent out to the U.S. Army during World War II. You’ll find the same gas canister design on the roof of the Jeep Renegade, making up the design inside the central cup holders. And we bet most people think they’re just made like that for grip!

Aventura Jeep Easter Eggs Misc

Just Cause Gems

What other easter eggs can you find on a new Jeep, you ask? Well, we’ve covered plenty already, but let’s point out a couple Jeep put on there because they can.

The black plastic side rails may be mistaken for running boards for hopping into the Jeep, but they’re fragile. So Jeep etched in aircraft-style “No Step!” markings into them.

Next time you’re filling up at the gas station, hold in your girly-screams. That’s not a real spider inside near the fuel fill, it’s just a very good design of one, and it’s saying, “Ciao Baby!” When in the desert, spiders and scorpions can be anywhere, and if they get inside the fuel tank, hoo-boy! So we’re wondering if Jeep put it there to scare off other tiny predators? That could explain the “Ciao Baby!” speech bubble.

Ever notice that splotch on the tachometer? Some people argue it’s a splash of mud, since Jeep owners do love mudding. Others say it’s an orange paintball splotch because the designers of the Jeep Renegade like to de-stress with a good match of paintball. Maybe it’s just a design to let the driver know to cool it!

Lastly, the words “Since 1941” can be found near the top of the Jeep Renegade’s center console. This is to pay some respect to when the U.S. Army signed a contract with Jeep to build 16,000 new Jeep MBs, also known as the Willy MB or U.S. Army (Jeep) Truck. They were used from 1941 to 1945, and soon were designed into the new Jeep Wrangler, a civilian Jeep (CJ).

That about covers it, we don’t think we missed any. However, if we did, feel free to let us know on social media if you found any more on your new Jeep Renegade. A little more about Jeep history can’t hurt.

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