Has the Grand Caravan Met Its Match with the New Voyager?

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Earlier in July, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) introduced the 2020 Chrysler Voyager to the world, and just as quickly received a price tag. The Chrysler Voyager, for lack of a better description, is the Chrysler Pacifica minivan with a couple of extra features to make it more accessible for the handicapped and the elderly. If we’re being critical, the Chrysler Voyager lineup is made up of the low-end of the Pacifica lineup. With its added capabilities to make it an all-around family-friendly vehicle, a question that was a long time coming has been asked…So what do we do about the Dodge Grand Caravan?

Ouch, that stings. Many of us may have some fond memories of the Dodge Grand Caravan, the family minivan that took the kids to school and soccer practice, fit tons of groceries and sports equipment, and came with revolutionary Stow ‘n Go seating. The Dodge Grand Caravan had it all, and for a while was the flagship of the minivan segment, especially for FCA. Then came the Chrysler Pacifica minivan.

The Chrysler Pacifica is the Dodge Grand Caravan and more. Under the FCA umbrella, the Pacifica also comes with Stow ‘n Go seating, but also has an available Stow ‘n Vac for quick and easy clean up of food crumbs and debris. Plus, the Chrysler Pacifica offered a lot of modern technology features, such as Uconnect on a 7-inch touchscreen and offered second-row passengers their own form of entertainment with Uconnect Theater on two 10-inch seatback touchscreens. The 2019 Dodge Caravan, in its fifth generation, has not done so well to keep up with the times. Consumers can add on a second-row overhead 90-inch VGA video screen, a second-row overhead DVD console, or a single DVD entertainment center – all of which come with the option of wireless headphones. However, no Uconnect aside from voice command via Bluetooth.

It feels like the Dodge Grand Caravan is stuck in the past, and that could be because it was originally designed for budding families that didn’t need all the fancy technology for toddlers who just need to be entertained and are easily mesmerized by some cartoons. Now with the Chrysler Voyager, a clone of the Chrysler Pacifica that adds even more family-friendly features, the Dodge Grand Caravan may be in hot water. According to the forecasting company AutoForecast Solutions, the Dodge Grand Caravan has reached the end of the line.

When it comes to the auto market, AutoForecast Solutions is the premier provider of automotive forecasting databases, able to offer a comprehensive look at the auto market and predictions for the next eight years. Using this research, they offer automakers business planning solutions for the near and far future. It’s not hocus pocus, it’s science! And given that both, the Dodge Grand Caravan and Chrysler Voyager cover the same entry-level segment of the minivan market, and the fact that the Voyager uses a much newer and more modern platform, the Voyager may scrub out the Dodge minivan.

“FCA originally planned to stop making the Grand Caravan in December 2019 but postponed the end of production to May as it needs time to promote the Voyager.” – Vice President of Global Vehicle Forecasting for AutoForecast Solutions, Sam Fiorani.

If that’s true, then make way for the 2020 Chrysler Voyager. Starting MSRP at $28,480 (plus destination fee). Find your Chrysler Voyager at Aventura Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram today.

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