Gifts That Will Increase the Car Driving Experience

December 5th, 2016 by

Aventura Car Gift Guide

Do you have someone special on your naughty or nice list this year? Or maybe the car lover in the family could use some new duds. You don’t have to buy a car or a new set of wheels to improve their car and driving experience. We scrounged up some gift ideas that will be great for giving someone’s car a little more pep.

Cell Phone Car Mount

This is a great gift for people who drive older cars without Bluetooth wireless connectivity. A mount may not replace the voice-command options that make the in-car Bluetooth system so great, but it’s helpful when changing music or even looking at the GPS for the next turn. Plus, they’re affordable and they are available at a lot of stores. Unless it’s some super high-tech fancy mount, you can probably find one for less than $30.

Glove Box Car Jump Starter

This is more so one of those “just in-case” items, but it shows you care. Everyone hates a dead battery and needing a jump to get going. This gadget can fully jumpstart a car without power from another car. The cost varies depending on capacity. Some starters charge a car battery and those typically cost between $20-40. Starters that literally jump start a car’s battery pack typically cost between $60-100.

Heated Massage Cushion

A lovely gadget for someone who has a car that doesn’t have heated seats, especially if that someone lives up north. Up the ante by giving them a heated massage cushion. Now they can have a warm seat to keep cozy on cold nights for the drive, and if they’re a little stressed, there’s nothing like a massage to loosen up and relax. Plus, the cushion can be pretty comfy for a power nap (with the car engine off). Depending on how fancy you shop, it can be as affordable as $25-40 or as much as $250+.

LED Underdash Lighting Kit

Remember when people would put lights on the underside of the car? Yeah, it was kind of cool, but you don’t see it too often anymore because today, lighting is all about the dashboard.  How can you make someone’s car interior a little more flashy? With some LED rope or an LED underdash lighting kit. Good kits have various modes, such as sound activation. Although a little distracting at first, how cool would it be for the dashboard to flicker LED when the beat drops? Sick. They’re one of the pricier gifts, going from $30-80, but if you can swipe the keys for a sec and install them yourself, it would be quite the surprise.

No Blind Spot Rearview Mirror

You probably know someone who has a radar detector ‘cause they like to speed a bit too much. Well, we’re not going to applaud that here or enable it. However, if they like cop car gadgets or want to feel like a race car driver without the safety risk of quick merges, this rear view mirror is the perfect choice. It gives a 180 degree field of view, nearly erasing the need for that uncomfortable neck turn we all do when merging. They’re not that expensive either, we’d be surprised if there are any out there for more than $70.

Infotainment Subscription

This is strictly for newer car owners, and it’s also thoughtful. Do they have Uconnect or a similar system like UVO? Maybe they always wanted to try SiriusXM but never got around to it? Buying a temporary subscription is the best way to convert someone or at least give them a chance to experience what they could be missing. Infotainment systems are becoming more popular and helpful in cars, and services like SiriusXM and Spotify are becoming higher in demand for unlimited music choices. Prices vary on service and trial duration. Check them out for holiday specials, Spotify is currently offering 3 months for $0.99 until January 1st, 2017.

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