Get Your Teen Ready to Be a Driver This Summer

May 23rd, 2017 by

Aventura Teen Driving Summer

So your precious teen is getting close to the age where all their friends are driving, and they might be getting a learner’s permit or driver’s license soon, too. It can be a little scary for a parent to let their teen out onto the open road – you may trust them, but you can’t trust everyone else. Interested to know what you can do to prepare them for driving this summer? We have some ideas.

Driver’s Education

Basically every teenager should go to a driver’s education class. In fact, most states require by law that a teen takes some form of driving lessons and/or education before even getting a permit. Driver’s Ed is a classroom-type situation where teens enroll and read and complete lessons that will prepare them for taking their permit or driver’s license test. The actual act of learning how to drive is up to you, the parent or guardian, or you can hire a driving instructor. Most come with those fancy breaks on the passenger side, so that your student doesn’t leave you with a huge bill in damages.

Talk to Them About Their Grades

Did you know many auto insurance companies give students a discount on their insurance if they do well in school? Statistics have shown that students who do well in school are less likely to get into a car accident. Because of this, auto insurance companies see them as a lower risk, and in turn, will offer lower rates. Some companies even have a “Good Student Discount” program with certain requirements that must be met, a little incentive to keep doing well in school regardless. Some of the basic requirements may be their age (under 25 years old), full-time enrollment at high school or college/university, maintain a 3.0 GPA, and other accepted proof of good performance.

Summer Time is the Time to Learn

Because summer is coming up, and most schools are close to being out-of-session, it’s the perfect time to take a driving class and learn how to drive. Go to mall parking lots, take your child for a drive around the neighborhood. Don’t be like the mama bird and throw them out onto the highway on day one. Ease into it with back roads and driving to local places like a restaurant or town center. Also teach them about filling up the car for gas while you’re at it, although it’s not rocket science.

Teen Driving Tech

A lot of car brands come with teen driver modes so that parents can limit the speed and various functions of the car when using the appropriate key fob. For instance, shutting off the radio when surpassing a chosen speed limit is one popular function; another is being able to see how far the car was driven in case your have a tricky little scamp behind the wheel. There are also products like the new Hum by Verizon that lets you monitor your teen while they’re away, and provides the above customization, as well as emergency assistance, a mechanic hotline, and maintenance reminders. There’s many apps out there for this these days, so choose the one that fits your needs.

That about covers it, but we bet some of you have your own ideas on how to prepare you kid for the road. We’d like to hear them, so share it on our social media.

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