FCA Brightens Up Dealerships with Lighting New Initiative

January 11th, 2017 by

Aventura FCA Bright Initiative

Hey, all you shoppers that hate to to go car shopping at night! We got some good news for you. You won’t have to worry about going to an FCA dealership in the dark after sundown. FCA US just launched their “FCA Bright Initiative” to to make car shopping at night safer for everyone.

Here’s how it all works. Because many car shoppers tend to have a full-time job to make the money to afford a vehicle of their own, they have to shop after 5 or later. During the winter months, the sun goes down around the same time and that makes people a little uneasy. For the common public, a dark environment usually translates to “unsafe.” To battle that, FCA US dealerships will begin to install new Light-Emitting Diode (LED) lighting to not only create a bright and safe environment to do business, but also cut dealership electricity bills.

It makes sense after all. LEDs are practically dominating the lights for headlamps and taillamps because they’re so bright, why haven’t more companies thought of using LED light bulbs in their personal or business building? As long as you don’t look directly at them, then you can go about your business in a very well-lit area.

In an FCA-issued press release, Al Gardner, Head of Network Development, FCA – North America said, “this new wave of lighting is a win for both the dealership and its customers … converting traditional lighting systems to eco-friendly LED lighting enhances the customer experience in the showroom, service, and parts departments and on dealership lots, while the dealership immediately begins to save on lighting costs.”

FCA US has partnered up with Revolux LED Solutions and GE Lighting to make it all happen. They tested the idea at San Leandro Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram, in San Leandro, California and needless to say, it was successful. Many customers approached the dealership in awe and felt more than welcome to stop in, even to just look around or compliment the new facility. Nearly 40 FCA US dealerships in the nation have already been upgraded with the new lights.

Sometimes entering a dealership can be a little daunting, and to do so at night can easily make people a little tense. With the FCA Bright Initiative, potential customers can enjoy a more inviting shopping experience day and night.

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