Colorful Lineup Dodge Challenger Lineup and the HIP Legacy

August 24th, 2016 by

Peach State Challengers Dodge Challenger Rainbow

In addition to having the most powerful engine on a muscle car in the world, there are a number of ways the Dodge Challenger stands out from the rest of the vehicles on the road today — two of them are color and style.

Over the years, many car brand and manufacturers tend to stick to a fairly typical assortment of car styles and colors, but that’s where Dodge breaks the mold. Just look at the colorful picture taken by the Challenger group, the Peach State Challengers of Atlanta.

This is just one example of the variety of colors available to the Dodge Challenger; some of which change each year, whereas other colors may not always available. Here’s a look at this year’s limited-edition color, Go Mango, the Dodge brand’s High-Impact Paint (HIP) legacy, and the newly revealed 2017 Challenger heritage-stylized models.

The Dodge Challenger’s Colorful Heritage

This year, there are 11 different colors available on the Dodge Challenger lineup, one of which, Go Mango, is exclusive to the 2016 Dodge Challenger and Dodge Charger models. Like the other limited-edition colors that have been available on the Challenger lineup, Go Mango is a color that is a part of the Dodge brand’s HIP legacy and the Challenger’s heritage. The original Go Mango hue was available on the first Dodge Challenger models in 1970. It made a comeback in 2006, and early this year it was released as a limited-edition color on the Charger and Challenger models.

Plum Crazy is another one of Dodge’s exclusive HIP colors. Plum Crazy was a limited-edition color available on 2015 model year Charger and Challengers and the color was so popular, Dodge extended its availability for a few extra months in 2016.

Along with Plum Crazy and Go Mango, Dodge has a variety of other colors that are stashed away until Dodge releases them to the market again. Other colors fans may remember would be: TorRed, Top Banana, Pitch Black, Blue Streak, Stinger Yellow, and Sublime Green, to name a few.

The Dodge brand’s HIP colors aren’t the only thing exclusive to Dodge; certain limited or special edition exterior styles have also been available in the past few years.

Back in 2013, Dodge celebrated its 100th year Anniversary and they offered special editions of the Dodge Charger and Challenger. They came loaded with style, technology, and power, starting with a Pentastar V-6 engine, Uconnect technology, and the exclusive ZF eight-speed automatic transmission. What made these special edition vehicles stand out more though was an all-new “High Octane” red pearl coat paint, 20-inch aluminum wheels, commemorative badging, a unique key fob, a commemorative book that celebrated 100 years of Dodge heritage and more.

In 2014, a Mopar ‘14 Dodge Challenger was released and it sold out fast. It was a fully customizeable Challenger model that had Mopar design elements, along with nearly twenty other Mopar parts or components that could be added. Only 100 cars were made, and it is the rarest limited-production Dodge Challenger offered to date.

In addition to both of those models, Dodge just released a brand new Challenger model that is a throwback and will be available in four HIP colors. The Dodge Challenger T/A will feature a variety of performance parts and unique styling that is reminiscent of the Challenger T/A that was originally created in 1970. The four HIP colors available on the Challenger T/A models include the all-new Green Go, a revised Yellow Jacket hue, Go Mango and TorRed.

With all these changes and colors, Dodge truly has left its marks as an iconic brand in the auto industry. What are some colors you want to see the Dodge Challenger painted? Are there heritage-specific features you’d like to see on a future model? Let us know on our Twitter and Facebook!

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