Dodge and Ram Win Vincentric Value Awards Again in Canada

July 21st, 2021 by


It’s just about that time of year again, when automakers start to release new vehicles for the next model year and automotive journalists start to compile data and finish up test drives. Yes, it’s time to find the best of the best for the 2021 model year, and there are many organizations that work on doing just that. There are still many surveys and tests to come, but Vincentric has been fast at work all year, finding the best vehicles on the market to put together their 2021 Vincentric Best Fleet Value Awards. Earlier this year, the 2021 Dodge Durango won the Vincentric Value Award during the Best Value in America awards. Now moving onto our neighbors up north, Dodge and Ram were named winners during the 2021 Vincentric Best Fleet Value in Canada Awards.

Who is Vincentric? Vincentric is a trusted organization that many of the top names in the industry look to for data, knowledge, and insight to the automotive industry. AAA, JD Power, and Stellantis are some of the names that come to mind when talking about Vincentric, especially the latter since prior Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) vehicles always make it to the top of the list. The Best Value awards are a big deal on their own, giving consumers a look at the cost of ownership for years to come, not just what they pay when driving the vehicle off the lot. Vincentric looks at many stats when finding the Best Value vehicles, including finance rates, residual values, and maintenance schedules for each make and model, plus its original purchase price, retained value, future fixed and operating costs, and unforeseen maintenance and repair costs. If a vehicle makes this list, consumers can rest easy that they’re not buying something that will break down by the time its warranty ends.

Currently in its tenth year of holding these awards, Vincentric put every vehicle through 24 different lifecycle cost scenarios to find which had the best value. It’s no surprise the Dodge Durango makes a return to the winner circle for Canada, and this time the muscle car automaker is joined by Ram. Things are looking better for Stellantis this year.

“All of Stellantis’ award winners were repeat winners in their segments for this year…The Dodge and Ram brands demonstrated the value they bring to the Canadian fleet market by winning multiple segments, and also by earning best-in-class claims like the Lowest Depreciation Costs in its Class for the ProMaster 1500 and 2500, and the Best Fuel Economy in its Class for the ProMaster 1500 and Durango.” – David Wurster, President, Vincentric

The vehicles this year are the 2021 Dodge Durango SXT with all-wheel drive for the Large SUV/Crossover segment, marking the fourth time win for the Durango, and three Ram vehicles. These include the 2021 Ram 2500 Big Horn Crew Cab SWB with two-wheel drive for the Full-size 3/4-Ton Pickup segment (a third time win), the 2021 Ram ProMaster 1500 with a Standard Roof and 118 wheelbase for the Full-size 1/2-Ton Cargo Van segment (a fourth time win and third consecutive year win), and the 2021 Ram ProMaster 2500 with a Standard Roof and 136 wheelbase for the Full-size 3/4-Ton Cargo Van segment (a second consecutive year win).

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