Could a Challenger SUV Be a Good Idea for Dodge?

July 22nd, 2019 by


It’s been some time since we heard about Dodge and the plans for the automaker to go electric. An electric Dodge Challenger, can you believe that? It just doesn’t sound quite right. The Dodge Challenger may only be in its third generation, but the Dodge Charger is in its seventh – time to give the old timer a rest. So what will Dodge do with the Challenger? One rendering that quietly blew up the internet was a take on the Dodge Challenger if turned into an SUV.

The above-mentioned rendering of a Dodge Challenger SUV isn’t anything official. In fact, it’s from some artists of the Russian online publication known for rendering cars that are already close to production. Regardless, Dodge hasn’t commented on the matter, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a chance of seeing a Dodge Challenger jump up a class segment or two. It’s not like Dodge hasn’t made a large vehicle with a lot of power under the hood (Dodge Durango SRT, here’s looking at you, kid).


If one were to turn the Dodge Challenger into a lifted vehicle with a V8 HEMI, there will of course be the obvious changes. The artists at Kolesa added two more doors for the family passenger vehicle aspect, a rear hatchback for the ease-of-access trunk space, and made some other tweaks to the body to give the Challenger SUV a more lifted structure while keeping the aggressive look of the original vehicle. There’s still a spoiler along the rear hatch, the front fascia is still mean looking with a dual-hood scoop, sharp lines make up the sides, and a satin carbon roof tops it off.

Of course, the rendering also looks a little off, hence it being unofficial. Still, with the current market trends and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) in desperate need of more eco-friendly vehicles, the Dodge Challenger may be the perfect performance vehicle to take the plunge. Why can’t a performance-oriented all-electric powertrain, or even a plug-in hybrid version of the Dodge Challenger be possible, SUV or no? A Dodge Challenger PHEV could give the best of both worlds with the long lineup of powertrains to spare, even without a supercharged V8 HEMI engine.

For now, the Dodge Challenger is still doing well in sales, and Dodge made sure that the 2019 Dodge Challenger would give consumers plenty of reasons to get one while they last. Not only did Dodge reinvent the 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon with the 2019 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Redeye, but the automaker also made the widebody package available for the 2019 Dodge Challenger R/T Scat Pack trim. A great save for those who want that bad boy Challenger attitude without the price tag (and without a 6.2-litre HEMI V8 engine under the hood).

Dodge isn’t the only one going down this road, however. Competition like the Chevrolet Corvette has also leaned into other class segments – Ex-General Motors Executive Bob Lutz once said it would be better to introduce a Corvette SUV into the auto market rather than a mid-engined C8. Furthermore, there’s apparently a Mustang-inspired electric SUV already on the way. Perhaps a Dodge Challenger SUV is just what the automaker needs. What do you think? Join the discussion on Aventura Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram social media.

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