Celebrate America, Here are a Few Ways Jeep Has Celebrated for 75 Years

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Aventura Jeep USO Military Freedom Edition


Jeep and the USO have been helping American soldiers for 75 years. In 1941, the United Service Organizations (USO) was created. This was also the first year of the vehicles we know now as Jeep. Since the beginning both organizations have partnered up to support and give back to U.S. military members.

The Jeep brand was originally created as a vehicle used by the military during WWII, and they haven’t severed their ties to the military since then. Here’s a recap at the number of ways Jeep has shown appreciation for the United States military this year.

Military Appreciation Month

In honor of “Military Appreciation Month” (May 2016), Jeep made a donation to the USO, a private organization that offers support to military troops, for every person that submitted a story to the Jeep #myjeepstory, a current social media campaign in which the Jeep community can participate. Jeep also brought all of the military-related entries to the forefront of the special campaign for the entire month. The #myjeepstory campaign is running for the entire year. For those interested in submitting their #myjeepstory, visit jeep.com/en/my-jeep-story and use the hashtag, #myjeepstory in your social media posts.

USO Route 75

To help the USO celebrate their 75th anniversary as well, Jeep has donated two vehicles for the USO to use on their special campaign, USO Route 75. USO Route 75 is a six month road trip that a few USO storytellers are making across the United States. The storytellers are making the trip to hear, record and share stories of military servicemembers and veterans.

Jeep Wrangler Freedom Edition

For a few years, Jeep has offered a Freedom Edition trim on the Jeep Wrangler and Jeep Wrangler Unlimited. The Freedom Edition trim features one-of-a-kind details like Quiksilver accent stitching, leather trimmed seats embroidered with the Oscar Mike logo, and “Freedom Edition” badging on the vehicle’s exterior. For every Wrangler and Wrangler Unlimited Freedom Edition vehicle that is sold, a portion of its sales are donated to the USO. For those of you who don’t know, Oscar Mike stands for “On the Move”, a military term using the NATO phonetic alphabet letters.

Jeep Military Incentives

Also as a way to supporting military personnel, Jeep has a Jeep Military Incentive program. All military personnel who are actively serving, reserved, retired, or honorably discharged veterans* are eligible for a bonus cash reward on new 2016 Jeep vehicles up to $500.

*Eligible within 12 months of discharge date
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How will you give back and join the celebration of 75 years?

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