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As a follow-up to our last post about the benefits of camping with your car, here’s a list of some of the best accessories you can get for your car on your next camping trip!

Camping Gear and Accessories for Your Car

Awnings and Mosquito Nets

An awning is a perfect addition to any minivan or SUV when camping and there a lot of awnings that also have mosquito nets for added convenience. Think of it as a portable deck that you can extend from the roof of your automobile outward to provide shade, protection from the rain, or even the wind depending on the type of awning you get.

Some awnings also come in the shape of large tents that you can “add-on” to your automobile. It’s a great way to enjoy nature without leaving the comfort of your car.


Of course there’s the old school, free-standing tent, but today there are many types of tents that can be attached to an SUV, van, or truck. And there are some tents that you can even put on the roof (think “portable tree house”).

Attaching your tent and sleeping space to the back of a lift gate or sliding door makes adds a lot of convenience to your camping experience. You can leave your clothes and some of your camping gear in your car and have covered access to it and easily lock it up when necessary. 


Comfortable Seating

You’re definitely going to need seating for your campsite and there are a couple different options. If you have a Dodge Durango or Jouney or a Chrysler Town & Country, the third-row seating might have the special Stow ‘N Go Tailgate seating . This feature allows the back row of seats to pivot 180-degrees and face the back of the car, so with the lift gate left open, you can comfortably sit on car seating, but outside. Also, a special seating feature for Jeep Wranglers is  a Jammock. Jammocks are similar to hammocks, but they use the outer frame of a topless Wrangler as the supports for the hammock. Jammocks are easy to use and can be installed in under a minute. They are made of Cordura nylon, which is one of the strongest and most wear-resistant fabrics around so a Jammock will last for many, many camping trips.

Portable Fridge/Freezer

Now-a-days, fridges and freezers aren’t just available to campers that camp in an RV. Though a little more expensive than the other camping equipment, a portable fridge is worth the investment if you do a lot of camping.

Ranging in size and price, there are a variety of portable devices that can be powered by a 12-volt car battery and some can be powered with or solar energy.

Aside from accessories that make a camping experience more comfortable, here are some basic tools and equipment that you should always bring along in your car.

  • Insect repellent to keep yourself bug-bite free — especially with the new potential risk of Zika in South Florida
  • First Aid Kit
  • Hammock for lovely naps — if you have a Jeep check out the Jammock!!
  • Headlamp to read or see where you’re walking at night
  • Portable Battery Charger — This is a must in case someone accidentally leaves your car’s interior lights on overnight, you can easily jump the car battery yourself.  

Are you an experienced camper?

We always like to hear from our audience. If you have any other camping tips or car accessories that we might have missed, let us know in the comments below. And if you are on the market for the perfect camping vehicle, check out our selection of Dodge SUVs, Jeeps, minivans or trucks. They have the technology and fuel efficiency to make any camping trip fun and comfortable.

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