Brief History of the Chrysler Corporation

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Since its beginnings in 1925, the Chrysler Corporation has been one of the largest automakers in the United States. Though it is no longer identified as the Chrysler Corporation, Chrysler is still a very important manufacturer in the American auto industry.

The beginnings of Chrysler began in 1921 when Walter P. Chrysler  took over the failing auto company, Maxwell Motor Company. Four years later in 1925 Chrysler renamed the company to “Chrysler” and began to expand its line of vehicles that catered to consumers by offering competitive, powerful vehicles that operated with 6-cylinder engines. Only seven years after purchasing Maxwell Motor Company, Chrysler bought Dodge Brothers Company changing the company into the Chrysler Corporation and one of America’s biggest automakers.

From the eighty years between 1928 and 2008, Chrysler introduced many new and original technologies into the automotive world. Among some of these innovations was the original V8 HEMI engine, which combined better combustion, higher compression and lower heat loss to create much more horsepower than previous V-8s.

Another major original creation Chrysler is responsible for is the introduction of the first minivan. In 1984 Chrysler introduced the Town & Country, which was the first minivan, which still exists today.

Other notable “firsts” include the “safety cushion dashboard” and power steering. In 1960, Chrysler developed the first practical alternator, which was so successful that it became standard equipment just one year later.

In 2008, Chrysler and the other two major American automakers, found themselves in severe economic hardship. From financial support from the government and an alliance with the European automaker, Fiat S.p.A.

In 2009, Chrysler began making significant changes to re-coop their business. Fiat’s influence on Chrysler to produce smaller, more fuel-efficient vehicles in the US, and Chrysler’s engineering excellence and style, are all factors that have helped to make Chrysler a succesful American automaker once again. As of 2014, the company previously known as Chrysler Corporation, changed to FCA USA LLC, and it is the seventh-largest automaker in the world.

As just one brand of the FCA’s 14 brands, Chrysler has a small and compact line of sedans and minivans. In Jan. 2016, Chrysler announced their next addition to their line which will tap into their “minivan roots.” They will be the first company to produce a hybrid minivan, which will be called the Chrysler Pacifica. The Pacifica will be available in dealer showrooms in the fall of 2016.

Traveling to Michigan this summer?

Check out the Walter P. Chrysler Museum, located in Auburn Hills, Michigan which is about a 40-minute drive from Detroit. The museum just recently re-opened to the public and contains a huge collection of beautiful Chrysler classics.

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