Camp Like a Pro, Add Your Car into Your Campsite

May 26th, 2016 by
Benefits of camping and car accessories.

Benefits of camping and car accessories.

Ah, the great outdoors … nature, sunlight, wildlife and the bugs? Okay, camping isn’t for all of us, and some of us wouldn’t mind camping if we had more than a tent for the night. That’s where car camping (camping with your car) comes into play and makes a huge difference.

On the other hand, experienced campers might think that camping with a vehicle limits your campsite to the places your car can go. But we have to ask, have you heard of a Jeep Cherokee, Jeep Wrangler or Dodge Journey? They are all available in 4-wheel or all-wheel drive and they are tough enough to traverse unexplored terrain, they are also moderately-sized so they can also fit into tight places. You can check out more of our 4×4 inventory here.

It makes for a great experience for anyone, especially for those who haven’t learned basic survival skills in Boy Scouts or Brownies, let alone how to summon the almighty flame. So let’s take a look at some of the benefits of camping with your car.

Benefits of Camping with a Car

First and foremost, when camping in a car versus a tent, you get that extra safety of metal between you and the wild. And you also have added security because you have a car alarm and you can lock up your valuables doors when you go off exploring. On that note, remember this: Don’t tempt good men. i.e. pick a safe location when you can, especially if you’re traveling off-the-beaten-path and not staying at a patrolled or regulated camp site.

Second, with a car by your side, you have more control of how much you are exposed to the elements. Raining a little too hard? Drive your car towards the trees for extra cover or heck, you can even get in your car for a bit. Want to wake up to a beautiful sunrise? Park a couple yards from the lake — just remember to put your emergency brake on! (You can also bring a couple of cinder blocks to keep your tires in place.) Crazy wind? You can move your car based on the direction that the wind is blowing to better protect your campsite. 

Third, camping with a car can be as comfortable as a hotel and it is much cheaper. The initial cost for your campsite’s set-up and gear might require some money, but being able to stop wherever suits your fancy is better than cashing out a couple hundred for a hotel room that you might only be in for a couple hours.

Fourth, the views and experience of camping in the wild is unmatched by any hotel. Camp out at any national park and you will have a night sky that is more beautiful than even the most expensive hotel rooms. Plus, going to sleep to the serene sounds of birds and wildlife or a flowing river is priceless.

Convinced yet? We’ll be publishing another article on the best car accessories for all types of campsites. In need of a minivan, SUV or CUV for your next camping trip? Check out our online inventory or come in to test drive a vehicle today!


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