Beat the Summer with these Jeep and Chrysler Features

April 19th, 2017 by

Aventura 2017 Chrysler Pacifica Jeep Summer Features

The recent spring weather has been perfect, but that means it’s only a few months until it gets hot, hot, hot! Thankfully, brands like Jeep and Chrysler have thought ahead and have installed convenient features to help battle the high temperatures and other weather conditions that come along with summer.

Protection from the Sun

It’s so nice to see various forms of protection from the sun popping up in automobiles. The Chrysler Pacifica and the Chrysler 300 both have retractable and latchable sun shades. When passengers want protection from the sun, all they need to do is pull them up from the interior side of the rear windows and latch them onto hooks. For the driver and front passenger, Chrysler and Jeep vehicles can come with available sunscreen glass, solar control glass, and some Jeep vehicles have deep tint glass that protects drivers and passengers from UV rays while preventing glare.


Keeping out sand and water from a day out at the beach or a spilled colorful ice cold slushie from staining the carpet can also be trouble. That’s why the Chrysler Pacifica comes with easy-to-clean floor mats for the front and rear seats. Select Jeep models are available with all-season floor mats to combat all of the leaves, mud, and dirt that may be tracked in from spring to winter.

Ah, what would a modern vehicle be without features designed to keep the heat out and the cool in? Many cars have outside temperature displays and humidity sensors to remind the passengers and driver of the hellish conditions the summer brings, and the Chrysler Pacifica, 300, and many Jeep models have automatic A/C, meaning the car will maintain a steady temperature in the cabin as long as the car is on.

Speaking off keeping things cool, a little extra cold is never turned down in the summer. Do ventilated front seats sound good? We bet they do, and they can be found in the Pacifica and Chrysler 300. Oh, and that slushie we mentioned earlier? Keep it ice cold with cooled front console cup holders, found in the Chrysler 300. If you get really desperate, select Jeep models, and the Chrysler Pacifica and 300, have various sunroofs for some fresh air and a strong breeze.

Cargo Space

Days spent at the beach, cute little family picnics, taking the family pet to the local dog park, camping, etc. How does one fit all that cargo? Well, the new 2017 Jeep Compass can fit as much as 68.3 cubic-feet of … well, stuff. The 2017 Chrysler Pacifica has Stow ‘n Go seating, and when the seats are folded into the storage compartments, the van consists of 140.5 cubic feet of flat storage space for cargo. Still need some extra room? The Chrysler Pacifica and many Jeep models come available with roof racks for that extra bit up top.

Whatever happened to the weather machine the army was working on? Think they could tweak the summer a bit? Until then, vehicles made by Chrysler and Jeep have us covered. You can find plenty of vehicles in our online inventory.

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