Are You Part of the Dodge Garage?

December 21st, 2017 by

Aventura Dodge Garage

Have you guys heard about the new Dodge Garage? It’s a pretty interesting concept, and it’s most likely the first of its kind, but won’t be for long. The automaker Dodge decided to connect with its fans in no way any other automaker has done before. See, the Dodge Garage isn’t just another dealership website … it’s a platform for everything Dodge.

Introduced as a digital content hub, Dodge describes the Dodge Garage as a platform that “curates content from across the web, in addition to the Dodge brand’s official social channels, to deliver the latest muscle car and racing news to enthusiasts”. Looking for the latest news about Dodge and Dodge products? You can read about it at the garage. Interested in the next racing event? Find out all about it at the garage. Want some new Dodge gear or exclusive media? You get the picture, it’s at the Dodge Garage.

In its simplest form, the Dodge Garage combines its dealership website, its social media platforms, and its news site into one website. Not only that, but Dodge Garage works in a way that connects to its consumers like never before. Go over to now and you’ll see the latest tweets that mention Dodge highlighted on their daily social media feed. That’s right, if you make a great tweet and mention Dodge, it may be featured for a couple of days right on the Dodge Garage website. Do something really amazing, and you might find yourself in the spotlight like Erica Schrull, currently featured in the Dodge Garage spotlight as a muscle car enthusiast.

Most of all, the Dodge Garage is the first step to making an online community for all Dodge enthusiasts and fans that isn’t some random message board. This is the place to learn and talk about everything Dodge, where new articles are popping up everyday, and fans can get connected. Of course, if looking to talk shop, Dodge has its usual social media pages. It all sounds great so far, and we’re wondering what will happen next. Let us know what you think of the Dodge Garage on our Facebook page.

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