All-in-One News Room on Wheels: CNN en Marcha

June 2nd, 2016 by

CNN En Marcha Cargo VanHave you heard of the revolutionary news vans that CNN en Espanol recently created by customizing a few RAM Promasters? These are the very same Ram Promasters that are available at Aventura Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram.


CNN en Espanol, which is headquartered in South Florida, bought a few Ram Promaster cargo vans from a South Florida Ram dealership and completely transformed them into purposeful and powerful newsrooms on wheels — CNN en Marcha.

The development of CNN en Marcha first began with one RAM Promaster, and the cargo van got more than just a new paint job. Overtime it was turned into an all-in-one multimedia machine that has all of the modern necessities for a team of reporters to record, film, and broadcast live news wherever and whenever.


With the modern technologies of today becoming more accessible and smaller, and the need to report live from the source, outfitting the cargo van with the necessary tools was a must. The CNN en Marcha vans are equipped with wireless internet, various cameras to capture everything, and high-end audio equipment installed by the Pro Audio Nerds.


Moreover, the ability to broadcast news Live to CNN’s various social platforms was one thing, but acquiring a drone specifically for capturing footage was the coup de grâce for this creation. The CNN en Marcha fleet can now keep up with social media as it happens.

As mentioned, the CNN en Marcha vans originated in South Florida, but as high-functioning mobile newsrooms, they don’t stay put for long. Though fairly a new addition to the CNN en Espanol news department, the CNN en Marcha vans are ready to travel the country to find and report news on-the-go.

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