5 Traits To Consider Before You Buy a New Ram

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New Ram Truck TowingRam, or Dodge Ram as it was formerly known, is a strong, established name in the truck industry today. When shopping around for a new Ram, there are a lot of factors to take into consideration. Is there a specific trim or towing capacity you want, what are the safety ratings, what is the truck going to be used for, is this a business or pleasure expense?

The Ram truck lineup has a variety of trims, designs, and engine options that make each Ram truck ideal for different types of drivers. So to help narrow your search down, there are some main features you should know about before you start shopping.

Interior Space and Cab Size

For those who aren’t very familiar with cab size, here is a quick breakdown.

– On the Ram lineup, there are four different cab sizes — regular, quad, crew and mega cabs. Regular truck cabs are the smallest, with two doors. Crew, quad and mega cabs are all four-door trucks. Crew cabs are the smallest of the four door cab options, and quad cabs are a roomier 4-door available on the Ram 1500 models, and the mega cab is a roomier 4-door truck cab available on the Ram 2500 and 3500 models.

What truck cab size do you need? Is this truck being driven by someone who just needs space for themselves and a friend? Is this for a business and there’s only 2 or 3 people needed for the job, like a pool maintenance gig or a small landscaping business? What about a family? Do you have kids you need to drive around as well? The back seat will be very helpful, especially if you have young children or babies.

That brings us to interior space, the other important trait when looking at the interior of a truck. The main factors we always take into account is headroom, hip room, shoulder room, and legroom. Ram provides interior measurements  for all of their trucks on their specs page, so you can easily compare it to the interior space available on a different truck.

Fuel Economy and Fuel Type

A truck’s fuel efficiency is an important consideration when making a decision to buy a truck, and Ram trucks have been evolving to improve fuel economy. Unlike other types of vehicles, the decision between gas and diesel fuel is a big question for truck buyers.

Now, we’ve discussed the gas or diesel debate in-depth and why someone would pick one type of fuel over the other. In terms of fuel economy, diesel has been known to perform better. A new Ram 1500 HFE, a diesel-powered truck, can get up to about 21 MPG in the city and 29 MPG on the highway. The standard Ram 1500 Tradesman, which is a gas-powered truck, has a fuel economy of 17 city mpg and 25 mpg highway.

Of course, when discussing diesel or gas engines, there is also a change in MSRP. Diesel trucks are usually more expensive by a few thousand dollars. But it could be worth the initial investment when looking at savings between gas and diesel fuel economy over time.

Finally, the cost of diesel and gas fuel has drastically changed in recent years. A few years ago diesel fuel was always cheaper by anywhere from 15 to 50 cents. However, today diesel fuel is actually a little more expensive. Who knows if or when that trend will change?

Towing Capacity

This is a big one whether that shiny new Ram is being used for business or pleasure or both. Who’s to say someone can’t buy a Ram 1500 to tow cargo between job sites and then tow a couple of jet skis to the beach on the weekend? No one, that’s who. If your truck has the towing capacity for such a thing, why not get the most out of it?

If you need a Ram truck for heavy towing jobs, there are plenty of options. Heavy-duty Ram trucks are available with diesel Cummins engines, rear dually wheels and even chassis vehicles, so the towing capacity on the line of Ram trucks ranges from 6,000 pounds all the way up to around 30,000 pounds — so Ram is definitely a trusted brand for those who have big towing jobs.

If a high towing capacity isn’t essential for your truck purchase, then a light-duty Ram 1500, would be plenty. Two typical jet skis fueled up plus a typical trailer weighs about 1,700 pounds. That’s only a fraction of the towing capacity for even the smallest Ram truck, so something smaller, like a Ram 1500, may be an more affordable option. The 1500 has a Standard towing capacity of about 5,000 pounds and a max towing capacity of just over 10,000 pounds.

Truck Bed Size

If anyone remembers seeing a guy riding in the back of a truck in the truck bed, raise your hand. Yeah, not the safest method of travel, but people do it all the time. Truck beds are for cargo, not people, and when traveling between job sites, the payload and size of a truck bed are very important factors. It’s also something to think about for people who like to camp a lot and DIY hobbyists who need to stop by the home improvement store once or twice a month.

It’s nice to have all that space for a couple of things: plywood, sod, mulch, appliances, a bed mattress, trash, or heavy machinery. Of course the heavier it is, the more likely you’re cutting into towing capacity. Also, take into consideration your parking situation. It could certainly be harder to find parking spaces for a truck with a long truck bed.

These are the five traits one should consider when buying a new Ram truck or any pickup truck for that matter. Interior space and cab size are important factors because someone is going to spend the majority of their time in that truck; fuel economy and deciding between gas or diesel can make or break the value of the dollar in as little as a year; and whether or not the driver really needs that towing capacity or can get away with an average payload and truck bed size are all important decisions when making a purchase.

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